TheoSophia's Wisdom School: The Magic of Healing Revealed
by TheoSophia Rose
Author Reputation Press

"When you surrender and allow, the truth will be brought to you."

In this book, Rose uses her experience and her work with her clients to address the topic of how to develop spiritual gifts to help others. From childhood to adulthood, the author has always believed in God and known that he would guide her throughout her life. Rose is dedicated to helping others to develop their spiritual gifts in her school. First, it all starts with self-love, healing, and trusting the Lord. Indeed, self-love is an integral part of this journey. From there, self-love can help with the process of healing. Rose tackles the subject matter of healing because one must heal oneself before one can help others.

Rose explores the theme of never giving up and believing in oneself. For example, during her trip to Thailand, she hurt her ankle, but that did not prevent her from going ahead with her plans to see little Buddha. She knew little Buddha would heal her. Indeed, based on her experience, she feels she was correct in her belief. As a matter of fact, her journey in Thailand was a turning point for her, as she knew she was in the right place. One can feel the author's mental and psychological state in this vivid scene. She is resilient and has a positive mindset. Indeed, Rose establishes a sharp contrast between perception and the world one creates. The premise here is that if people have negative thoughts running around in their minds, they will not be able to bring to fruition their plans. This book can inspire readers to see the world in a different light.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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