Thesila Prophecy: The Journey Home
by Robert Rumble
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

"Mikolas was drunk with power and decides that he would put her spirit in a special bow so that he could always keep her near."

Mashaun, an American outdoorsman, wakes up in a cave in a strange world. Soon he is joined by a few others from Earth, and no one knows how they got to this place. After finding some weapons, including a bow that speaks to him telepathically, Mashaun leaves the cave and confronts some soldiers and a female mage who have captives in a wagon. Mashaun uses the bow to kill the soldiers and the mage, a clone of the powerful Magdalenia. The captives join the newly arrived earthlings, and they set out to find out where they are and figure out how to get home. They will meet fantastic creatures and fearsome foes, explore astonishing cities, and become acquainted with magic.

Rumble’s love of the fantasy genre is apparent in his writing. This story follows the classic formula: gather your party, accept your quest, face your foes. Readers who enjoy the quest plot will find plenty to appreciate in this offering. The book has several grammatical errors, but all are easily overlooked in this fast-paced narrative. The battles are exciting, the magic is interesting, and the enemies are well-written. It has plenty of appeal for avid fantasy readers. The journey provides the author a great opportunity to show his world to his readers, a world of imaginative places, interesting people and races, and plenty of sword and sorcery. The book does a nice job of wrapping up the characters' stories at the end while still leaving Rumble an opening for another book.

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