This Song’s for You
by Amie Templeton
LitPrime Solutions

"One minute I was learning uplifting things and was full of bliss, the next I was being frightened half to death."

"In 1982 my nineteen-year-old son Wayne was found murdered and my life changed forever." So begins this spiritual memoir wherein the trauma of that horrific event leads the author to continuously question "the very depth" of her existence. A year before the tragedy, Templeton had inexplicably sensed that someone near to her was going to die. Following her son's burial, she discovers a book explaining that "people don't actually die." She writes, this idea touched her deeply. Templeton begins to see a psychic and reads more and more about spiritual reconnection. Her book chronicles the many meditation and psychic groups she becomes involved with over the years as she hones her psychic development. Eventually, she embraces the strange phenomena in her life, including positive, reassuring visions of her deceased son and a new spiritual language naturally spoken from her tongue. The reader meets a cast of characters in Templeton's life, all of whom play significant roles along her journey in discovering that "we are more than a physical body and we are never alone."

Templeton admits that until recent years, speaking openly about psychic experiences was essentially taboo. The phenomena she experienced in the early 1980s after the loss of her son were often met with ridicule when shared with people in her life. Her writing demonstrates progress has been made toward "freedom of discussion" in areas of psychic and spiritual experiences and the life-affirming power such pursuits can harness. Throughout these intriguing pages, Templeton is generous—insofar as quality and quantity—in sharing with the reader numerous personal lived experiences shedding light on the power, beauty, and truth of how the unseen, often intangible mysteries of life and death can be realized through psychic development and an open mind and heart.

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