Those Who Made a Difference, Book 2
by Terry Bosgra
Writers' Branding

"He had difficulty functioning in a traditional classroom, resisted authority figures and was eventually suspended; in school he was a little terror."

For the countless individuals who are in a never-ending search for inspiration, Bosgra's compilation of difference makers that left an indelible mark on the world is a highly informative read. Through comprehensive research and dedication, the author has compiled two entire volumes highlighting the world's shining stars, past and present. In many ways, the author's work is like Blinkist for the encyclopedia: the essence of each contributor is encapsulated within a page, giving readers the spark they need while leaving the door wide open for audiences to dig even deeper into the individual's life.

While there are known names like Ronald Reagan and Charles Dickens, Bosgra's list features a plethora of individuals that will likely be unfamiliar to readers, even though their contributions will undoubtedly be awe-inspiring. Given the author's own obstacles in his upbringing, particularly his experiences being a Jewish child in Nazi Germany, it is not at all surprising that Bosgra is determined to document the defining moments of those who persevered and demonstrated the utmost qualities as they helped change the world.

In a world raging with negativity, cynicism, fear, and uncertainty, the adversity and relentlessness of each of these individuals in pursuing their purpose, their dharma, is remarkable. For instance, William Rehnquist, who is slightly more recognized than the other names in the compilation, was determined to practice law justly and was known for being a straight shooter. Similarly, on an academic level, Betsy Ancker Johnson's prowess seems unparalleled. Having earned numerous doctorates, including one in controlled thermonuclear fusion, and with over sixty publication credits to her name, she is a giant in the world of physics. For audiences of any passion and interests, there is likely to be a character to model their pathway after. Perhaps what is most intriguing about this work is Bosgra's ability to use his database of mentors as a guiding light for this generation to slay their self-doubt and give in to the belief that their dreams to make a difference are possible.

Emblematic of African American culture, George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington represent iconic profiles for the young, and truly all ages, to get acquainted with their roots. More than simply a list of accomplishments, this compilation is a treasure trove of stories and history told in swift, two-page segments. In much the same way as sports cards aggregate a players' highlights, Bosgra's work follows a consistent formula of depicting the individual's upbringing, the adversity they faced, and then the call-to-action moment that transformed them from ordinary to illustrious.

Overall, the author dips into his reservoir of historical figures such as Voltaire and Hitchcock and yet finds a striking balance with modern contemporary icons in their fields like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Stephen Hawking. Unyielding tenacity defines each entry in this compilation. Bosgra seeks to create an environment through the written word that is so infectious that regardless of which entry impacts the reader, positivity and inspiration are sure to be planted into many minds in preparation for bearing fruit over time. Brimming with information, Bosgra's work is ideal for those seeking to better understand the human psyche, particularly of alpha male personalities who have been able to defy the odds and leave a dent in the fabric of humanity.

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