"America cannot promote global democracy if it cannot demonstrate it domestically."

In this book, readers find a mosaic of political and economic essays, primarily focusing on domestic and global policy for America, "the indispensable nation." The book opens with discussions regarding the natural threats not only faced by America but the entire world. However, as the leader of the free world, America is at the forefront technologically and militarily to promote actions that will protect individuals everywhere. The book also tackles complex, heated issues such as the free press, guns, religious liberties, and the role of each in American society. As readers progress through the book, they also encounter discussions regarding military espionage and the ever-evolving malicious manipulation of the internet. More relevantly, the book also discusses the significant roles of Russia, China, and the COVID-19 pandemic and what America's priorities should be regarding each.

Despite the political, foreign, and domestic problems the book discusses, it emphasizes to readers that the key to a brighter future is what has called many to America's shores and cities for hundreds of years—opportunity. The book describes America as "the only nation in a position to provide necessary leadership to bring nations together working for a common goal: global prosperity." Focusing on homefront democracy and the development of democracy in other nations, the book also asserts, "American foreign policy needs to start with a vision of what kind of world we want to promote." With their relevant historical lessons taken from key figures ranging from the Forefathers to President Eisenhower, the essays will likely intrigue readers who are curious about how America's past informs and shapes the America of today. In addition, those interested in economics will find discussions regarding the military-industrial complex and its expensive maintenance especially informative.

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