To Every Page a Turning: One Life’s Journey
by Carl Buccellato
Mascot Books

"Each man who journeys through life must travel through its seasons and ultimate lessons."

This novel that reads as part biography is a deep exploration of one man's journey through life, beginning in the 1950s and culminating in life as it is today. In looking through his files from the past, he finds notes that he had written years ago, bringing him in touch with his personal history while focusing on the gratitude of being where he is currently. The novel examines his childhood of neglect and abuse, working out his anger through boxing, joining the military to escape the gangs, the horrors of war, having a family, and becoming a wealthy entrepreneur while also working with the government on presidential advisory panels. He finds he needs to go beyond being a "people pleaser"—a mask he has perfected over time. So begins a soul-searching journey into who he really is, for he recognizes he needs help from others.

This is a book about one's deep searching. It intertwines the past with a current examination of life in a manner that allows the reader to feel the essence of what the author is expressing. The harrowing experience of war is written so that one can vicariously feel such terror and loss. The exploration of returning home to a nation that didn't want him and his ongoing relationships with others who survived Vietnam reveal his process of growing. Also, it shows the value of twelve-step groups, counseling, and recovery. And in the end, throughout the changes and attempts to accept them and with a life that has been both horrible and wonderful, he finds a new way to carry on and praise God.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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