To Touch the Hand of God
by Eugene J. Phelan
Author Reputation Press

"What happens when you hold a mirror to another mirror? Suddenly, Walter was six years old again and asking the same question, a small child holding up a mirror and seeing the magical result."

Walter is grieving deeply for his wife, who has passed away, leaving him to raise their daughter, Karen, who is just seven, alone. Valiantly he tries to get himself through the day by taking one chore at a time. He does not want to pull Karen into the vortex of depression that he is succumbing to. But it is Karen who reminds him that there is hope in his belief in God and within his Christian faith's practice as she asks him one simple question. With Karen's help, Walter sets up the mirrors. Then they watch as her reflection is multiplied forever with no beginning or end. While Karen makes the connection to God for the first time, Walter finds his faith renewed through his daughter's complete happiness and gives thanks for his own happier outlook.

Phelan writes with a simple, sweet eloquence, drawing the reader into his character's sadness over the loss of a wife and mother. His narrative begins with an unfortunately familiar scenario of a family trying to find their way to happiness again after a tragic loss. In the use of daily chores that keep Walter moving through his sadness, the author has created a believable story about life, grief, and depression. Phelan shows the positive influence people can have at any age by using a child to provide the encouragement Walter needs to bring out the infinity mirror and begin to move forward with his life. This inspiring book will ring true with those who practice the Christian faith. It also provides a thought-provoking outlook on the changes that the loss of a parent brings to any family unit.

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