To Whom I Care: Book 2: Positivity Exists in Any Negativity
by Abdulelah Bin Khaled Awad Allam

"Respect the potential of others and give them a chance.
Knowledge is an ocean of facts.
Stick to what you know, but don’t be fanatic."

A previous book by the author dealt with hastily made mistakes, struggles with success, and finding peace and contentment in unlikely places. Here, using his signature poetic style and the wisdom and insights from a long and varied life full of rich experiences, the author cuts through the fake ways that people hide their true feelings and reveals a deep insight into moments that changed his life. The lessons and personal confessions within allow the reader to live vicariously and be guided through turbulence, imparting all of the growth acquired through these difficulties with none of the personal hardship required. From a simple childhood when a bicycle is the biggest dream a boy can think of to finding one’s place in the world as a young adult, the author has hand-selected a powerful collection of tales to share with his readers.

The stories in this book mostly touch on the author’s youth and early life in Saudi Arabia, experiencing both a growing and changing culture on the stage of history and a personal life with family and struggles while succeeding against expectations. The details of the locations and the moments of fear or anxiety are vibrant and evocative, while the word choices and the verse-like structure serving these elements are fantastic and open the reader’s mind to each of these scenes. With such an incredible and storied life, it might seem difficult for one to put themselves in the author’s shoes, but his way of writing is disarming and inviting, drawing the reader in and making one feel welcome in the stories of his life, whether they are triumphant or catastrophic. There are plenty of lessons to learn and discover within this brief, enjoyable continuation of the author’s previous work.

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