Transedic Dreamers
by J. M. Campbell Harmon
Trafford Publishing

"Why would I have such a dream about someone that I had never met or even knew existed?"

In this science fiction novel, college student Jada Jamison finds herself completely caught off guard when she sees Ben for the first time. The immediate connection between the two is both exciting and unsettling. As their friendship grows, it becomes apparent that Ben and Jada have more in common than she could have imagined. However, Jada has a secret. Her dreams are prophetic and have always been a disturbing part of her life. When tragedy strikes those close to her, her dreams are triggered by the situation which in turn can be dangerous. As Ben and Jada get to know each other, it soon becomes apparent that he is more than just a possible boyfriend. In fact, Ben may be just the one Jada needs to lead her to the truth, not only about her dreams but about herself as well.

A fast-moving plot and the intriguing subject of premonition and dreams give this sci-fi novel a unique appeal. Through the antagonist Marcus Graham, who becomes obsessed with studying the dreamers to the point of holding them captive in a special dome, the author presents a psychological study of evil. The possible use of their power to affect what happens in reality while dreaming makes for an intricate and intriguing plot. As the dreamers' backstory is revealed, the tale takes on a menacing tone that reveals the studies' true nature, setting up a future battle between revolutionary forces in the dome and Marcus. Readers will find themselves anticipating the next installment of the story. This work offers the classic good vs. evil plot with a twist—an enthralling exploration of the nature of the dreaming mind.

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