Truth to Origin
by Gregg K. Jann
Book Savvy International

"Encourage student learning opportunities in non-violence, social skills, character education, and general emotional well-being."

Author Jann offers a refreshing look at many issues that beset American society, interwoven with personal recollections and a sage, often unique, view of the past and hopes for a better future. Memories, some presented as diary entries, include his declaration, as a four-year-old, that he was “Socrates” and his father’s response that he was the “King of Schizophrenia.” This casual comment would echo throughout his life as Jann battled mental health problems. He currently devotes himself to helping others with similar challenges. He urges that “Christian best care,” rather than chemicals, be used to treat such patients. He expresses concerns regarding the improper exploitation of intellectual property (IP) and the lack of compensation for it. His overarching thesis concerns “The Jann Amendment,” conceived as an addition to the U.S. Constitution, which would foster education in non-violence and mental well-being, protect the rights of all persons to their IP, and secure economic restitution for crime victims.

Jann writes in a lively, stream-of-consciousness modality that allows scope for feelings, memories, and humor. He makes numerous references to his Christian upbringing and personal Bible study. He modestly arrays his efforts to defend the rights of various groups mistreated by what he refers to as the “piracy” embedded in the capitalist system. His strong creative talents, as demonstrated in this volume, are balanced by his practical, professional endeavors that include work as a certified peer support counselor. His outreach to those with mental health problems and his wish to make radical but realistic changes in national policy speak to his genuine concern for others. Those who aspire to develop such outreach, and those who have been affected in any way by the systems Jann cites here, would be well advised to read his words and use them as a basis for further action.

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