"The devil is desperately working on separating us from our God by attempting to take God out of government at all levels and replacing God with the devil and his evil religion."

Current events appear to be the purpose of this book with an underlying religious fervor. Or is it about being a person of faith living in a sinful society? If read strictly for religious knowledge, this gem is a well-thought-out discussion on whether the world is indeed religious. On the other hand, it could be read as a treatise on the sins of the liberal government.

Sego lays out his life in front of the reader as a lead-in to his book about how the words of the church apply to real-life and especially his. The author uses both the Bible as well as multiple Mormon texts to explain that there are two ways of life (two churches) and no middle ground in "worlds without end." He uses verses from both the mainstream Christian and Mormon versions of the Bible to justify certain events that happen in history as a way of explaining his two churches theory. The intermixing of history is somewhat incidental to the narrative as used to further the idea of two churches, but it comes across as totally off topic at times.

As stated in the summary, the main purpose of this book is to show the reader "what Slavery and Freedom look like." While the book is well written, repetition is employed to get the point across. By the end, Sego has proven himself to be an adept researcher into religious belief, and one could also argue that he is a well-versed student of the United States Constitution.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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