Two Souls
by David Davila
Author Reputation Press

"This is where Two Souls met with the Devil Serpent. This is when he sold his soul to it. He sold his soul for power."

Local ancient folklore is often dismissed as children's stories. The elders remember a tale that speaks of a man who was transformed into a powerful demon through bizarre rituals and a holy relic. His name is Two Souls. According to legend, whoever discovers the relic will become the malicious spirit's portal back to this world. Now, however, a small town in the Southwest is suddenly experiencing weird, horrific murders. This thrusts the community into an absolute panic as the bodies pile up and an evil pall smothers the residents. Law enforcement is under extreme pressure to seek what they believe is a serial killer. Once they fully grasp that they are not dealing with a human, the mission becomes focused on how to destroy it.

Bobby and Pete grew up together in the area. Their lives are tied in ways they could never imagine. One is struggling to keep the town safe, and one is battling an unseen force inside him that makes him want to do unthinkable acts. It is a battle the latter is losing.

Davila delivers a highly charged, exciting adventure in this novel. His narrative is intelligent and multilayered. The characters are vividly described and continue to develop as the story progresses. The dialogue is written in a realistic way that reflects each character's personality. The author's use of contrary concepts, such as ancient lore and its place in modern society, provides depth and texture to the story. Readers will find themselves engrossed in this smart, entertaining action novel with the ultimate confrontation between good and evil.

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