Two Women Are Opposite Sex
by Marcus Westfall

"Most men are only being taught to have sex but they are not being taught take care of your responsibility."

In this book, readers meet Ben, Mary, Katrisha, and Tommy and a cast of other families with similar experiences. As the narrative begins, they also encounter gender role discussions as Ben observes Katrisha and Tommy playing with dolls. Tommy and Katrisha eventually grow into teenagers as the storyline progresses, and the pressures of high school influence them. Tommy navigates society’s often toxic expectations. Meanwhile, he also begins exploring his sexuality, an act that makes him the target of bullying. At the same time, Katrisha starts experiencing her own changes in life and the double standard set by society for young women. As life unfolds for both Tommy and Katrisha, they face unexpected challenges as they endeavor to embrace their true selves. Along the way, they find advocates, adversaries, new friends, and support systems who help them fully understand who they are. They also face the realization that the path to change is long and hard-won.

This book focuses on the ongoing discussions regarding LGBTQ+ rights and issues as well as those surrounding gender roles. Through one family’s experiences, the book challenges traditional activities such as fighting and how it negatively influences boys and young men. It also examines the social constructs surrounding dress codes and the ever-evolving realm of self-expression. The book’s power lies in its dialogue-driven structure, which shapes the book’s personality and draws readers into it. However, the narrative’s effectiveness would have been enhanced through some additional editing. For those looking for a book that highlights a variety of social justice issues, this one offers different opening points for a variety of conversations.

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