"Thus being conformed to the image of Christ becomes a very practical exercise throughout the entirety of the Christian life."

This extremely thorough and wide-ranging devotional encourages readers to study the Bible in pursuit of learning the characteristics of Christ in hopes of implementing Christ-like behavior in all of life’s situations. Leland offers firm and loving guidance throughout this study as he organizes each chapter by identifying a characteristic of Christ, followed by scripture-based examples of how Christ demonstrated it. Making the teaching personal, Leland also gives examples from his own life and ministry that show the characteristics or recalls examples from history, friends, and other biblical encounters. Finally, each chapter is also a call to action and asks readers to consider how they can demonstrate a specific characteristic in their own lives.

With wisdom and experience, Leland carefully ministers to readers with thoughtful, biblical insight and probing questions that foster reflection and inspire action. He hopes all readers and followers of Christ will align themselves with God’s purpose through careful study and attention to the activities of Christ. This devotional is replete with Bible verses that serve as the foundation for the truths identified and explained with the hope that readers will “pursue and apply the truths of this study.”

For those seeking to strengthen their faith and connect to Christ, this collection of lessons offers clear guidance and a way forward from confusion and uncertainty about God’s purpose. Reading and following these lessons will likely help readers conform to the image of Christ. Leland offers a deep understanding of Christ’s characteristics and believes with unwavering faith that lives in pursuit of Christ can be transformed. With over 300 characteristics to consider, readers can delight in the multitude of teachings and continuously seek Christ through his words and actions.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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