Unwinding the Serpent
by Robert Paul Blumenstein
Atmosphere Press

"The Mass halted momentarily and hovered directly above the town."

This intricate and extraterrestrial tale begins for readers in 1793 in the small town of Johnnycake, Virginia. Strange lights in the skies alert the townspeople, and when a few men discover an even stranger disc-like object on a far ridge, an unworldly truth propels the townspeople into events they could never have imagined. Then, in 1973, a man named Richard submits to hypnosis, which leads him into various events related to those that happened in 1793. By the book's conclusion, readers have been transported to the year 3197, where a millennia-old secret the universe has been holding is unlocked.

In this book, readers find elements of science fiction that will likely shock and engage them from the novel's beginning to its end. Unique in its structure and plot, the narrative examines multiple elements of the human psyche, including communication, the power of dreams, and the unexplained. It also closely looks at faith and beliefs and the difference between the modern and the primitive in both: "'This is an impression from a woodcut showing villagers driving a devil from their town. Others, as you see, have been staked and set afire to burn. Very cruel, especially when, later in history, man routed out his own kind falsely and accused them of being witches, warlocks and devils and put them to death.'" Readers with a flare for tales of UFOs and extraterrestrial-themed science fiction works will find this book a page-turner. Perfect for young adult and adult readers, this book contains elements of a series like Animorphs for young readers and films like Fire in the Sky for adults.

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