Viila and the Doomsday Affair
by Roger Danchik
Atmosphere Press

"He knew his path; he just didn’t know the ending, and no magic could see through that veil. 'As long as it’s kosher,' he replied."

An inbred rabbi, his disappointment of a son, an eternally beautiful but demonic vampire, and a pickled and preserved head that has witnessed history walk together into the most holy territory known to man. It sounds like a joke, but the fate of the universe and all eternity is at stake, and this unlikely band is all that stands in the way of a more unscrupulous outcome. Rabbi Benjamin belongs to a secretive sect, one of dozens that are awaiting the end of time so that they can follow their holy instructions and reshape the world in their image. As the signs of apocalypse appear, his affable yet beleaguered nature makes him fast friends with Viila, a ravenous beauty in more ways than one who wants little more than to put an end to her immortality. Their unlikely alliance begins a strange and hilarious journey to the end of the world.

Intertwining scripture, dogma, history, and mythology, this book takes the familiar story of both men and angels falling from God’s grace and gives it a snappy, irreverent, even somewhat perverted twist. Rooted loosely in the tenets of Judaism but allowing for many interpretations as long as it makes for a memorable character or a clever punchline, this story offers heaps of humor and heart, never letting a serious moment go too long without a joke or allowing a character to become simple comic relief. Much of the humor is derived from a bodily nature, whether that be in a sexual context or otherwise, and so readers will need to be mature enough to handle that but not so mature as to be offended by it. This well-paced and entertaining story keeps the laughs coming well past the end of the world.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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