Walking Free: From Bondage to Liberty
by Gregory Oliver
Proisle Publishing

"My case has never been about whether there is evidence of my guilt or innocence. My case has always been one excuse after another."

From Missouri State Penitentiary to Algoa Correctional Facility, Oliver's journey is a testament to the meaning of "walking free." In light of Black Lives Matter and referencing the atrocities against Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the text highlights the injustices of a flawed court system that keeps a man from his family for twenty-two years and five months, even refusing to allow Gregory to attend his own parents' funeral. While most books focused on prayer are heavy on hypotheticals, this particular work takes readers through the entire process of events and ultimately helps them understand that, no matter how dire the circumstances, prison is in their heads. How one chooses to respond to circumstances is what ultimately allows the individual to walk free.

Despite providing an in-depth view of the nuances affiliated with prison life, this piece best exemplifies Gregory's relationship with prayer and his unyielding faith that the Lord would send him a savior. In Bonnie, the Lord did just that. He brought Oliver both a companion and advocate who would stand by him and his innocence irrespective of how the tide turned. With even many inmates acknowledging Gregory's lack of involvement in the deadly events his mentally troubled brother Ronald found himself in, the text is a strong indictment on the legal system's sometimes unethical, agenda-driven priorities.

This book isn't just one man's tale of innocence. On the contrary, it is every man's story—a passionate guide to helping humanity understand and shatter their personal trappings, be they depression, negative thinking, self-doubt, etc. With a steady balance of scripture references and a memoir predicated upon resolve and conviction in the Lord, the text is inspiring and relatable, an opportunity for all audiences to understand the power of belief and walking in the Lord's light.

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