Walking with Demons
by Jane Dolynski

"Yes, my life became a living walking hell with demon people."

Author Dolynski faced extreme adversity and, through it, became more spiritually guided. Her account of the many threads of personal agony and triumph begins when, having a full-time job in a department store, divorced, and living on her own, she is compelled inwardly to apply for part-time work at a new store. She falls in love with the manager, though that feeling is never openly declared. She senses his presence inwardly as he begins to "live" with her at home. But at work, he is tempted and won away by a wicked co-worker whom she comes to identify, along with others at the store, as "demons" who steal from the company and cruelly taunt her. This hateful treatment continues to pervade her work life with workmates dressing in red and making obscene gestures and postures in her presence. However, she will find love in her later years and gain strength and encouragement to combat the demons that have so often beset her through her Christian faith.

Dolynski, who identifies as "The Prophetess" after her many battles with satanic forces found in the most ordinary circumstances, has composed this personal chronicle to enlighten others. Her prose is forthright and delivered at times like a passionate sermon. Her sincere, emotive approach will leave no doubt that she has experienced the scenes she so vividly describes. Some of her memories involve intuitive messages and divine directives as she struggles to overcome many obstacles, such as workplace hostility, lost love, financial hardships, and a nearly fatal auto accident. She is now quietly settled with a loving partner but nevertheless wishes readers to understand her central thesis: God's goodness and his positive intention for us can be fulfilled when we recognize and deal with the evil motivations of those who seek to thwart it.

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