What Is Grandpa Up to Now?
by Lucy Geddes

"When Mom and Dad are very busy, who can you go to if you have a question or need some help? Grandpa!"

This storybook for children explores the relationship between a grandfather and his grandchildren. Colton tells the story of his grandfather and all he does to help the children, from fixing a bicycle to capturing a personal drone that got stuck on the roof to assisting fellow campers with their tent to having fun while camping and escaping from a skunk. While Grandpa enjoys activities, he also displays patience with a grandbaby and loves to make her laugh. The book describes how the grandchildren enjoy spending time with both him and Grammy and discusses how they enjoy listening to them talk about their mothers and fathers when they were younger. It also demonstrates a time when Grandpa needs help from the children.

Geddes' book offers a nice look at the relationship between the generations, shows the love the grandfather and grandchildren have for each other, and reveals the wonder of such a relationship. It also teaches the reader how to trust a beloved family member. By exploring all the things that the grandfather does for the kids, it demonstrates a value of an intergenerational relationship, and the reader learns about how to “think, solve problems, fix things, help others, be safe, respect nature, be creative, have fun, be patient, and study hard”—all valuable life lessons. The one example of the grandfather’s need for help from the children nicely demonstrates a reciprocal relationship. The illustrations are well done and contribute to the telling of the story. Finally, the book is well-written with a lot of dialogue, making it most appropriate for older children.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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