What Is Your Perspective of TRUTH?
by Carl Jones
Gotham Books

"I discovered the truth by studying The Word of YAH and listening."

In this lengthy treatise, author Jones sets forth dynamic assertions about the nature of God (Elohiym) and his son Jesus (Yahusha). A primary thesis concerns race and color. The author asserts that he is not "black" but instead is a person with the pigment melanin in his skin, noting that the Hebrew people were of this pigmentation. This characteristic denotes his people's special place in spiritual history. Citing many distortions of language and history sustained in the King James Version of the Bible, he uses as his source the Cepher Bible. He points out allegedly flawed information in the KJV. For example, Yahusha could not have been in the tomb for three days and nights, from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, and he was born in spring, not winter. Significantly, Jones sees the inhumane, cruel treatment of those with melanin-imbued skin tones here in America as comparable, indeed precisely the same, as that of the Hebrews in Egypt.

Jones has clearly done extensive research to organize his forthright declarations. He recognizes that his work will upset many. He addresses all pertinent issues directly, boldly demonstrating his certainty in these wide-ranging conclusions. He examines what he believes to be the true meaning of such events as Passover, Lent, and Sabbath days and sagely notes that biblical names such as Paul and Joseph, and even the term "Lord," are attributable to the English translation of the Bible that most Christians accept, incorrectly, and that they should re-examine thoughtfully. He explores broad concepts of modern race theory, love, life after death, forgiveness, and moral accountability, all in the light of scriptural fact. He urges readers of like understanding to trust in Elohiym in these weighty times, secure in the knowledge that they are his chosen people as described in the Bible.

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