"This book is about an era of moral and spiritual torpor... also about the faithfulness of God to preserve America, if its Christian population is faithful..."

The book of Hosea was written foremost as a warning to the backslidden children of Israel. Since the Bible is transcultural, Heeren applies its warning to also fit backsliding Christians in America. The short book of Hosea surely contains the strangest love story in the Bible. Hosea, the prophet, was told by God to marry a prostitute named Gomer. All was not well. Gomer missed the money and trappings of her temple life and left. Her three children's prophetic names foreshadowed God's dealings with backsliding Israel.

Heeren applies each Bible chapter in Hosea to the failings he currently sees in America. For example, Hosea 6 shows how the children of Adam and Eve exercise humanism by still wanting to become Gods. Hosea 13 reveals the sexual revolution in this culture leading to the Roe v. Wade decision made by a secular Supreme court. Hosea 14 points to misguided environmentalism, while Hosea 8 explains the push toward globalism. On a positive note, Hosea 11 reveals God's message of love and forgiveness.

In the first chapter of this book, the author provides a helpful list of current hot topics this book addresses, allowing the reader to cross-reference these to content chapters. For example, the author's chapter on the New Age matches up to Hosea 10. Additionally, the author helpfully includes a lengthy list of endnotes for those who wish to do further research. These resources include radio speakers like Rush Limbaugh, books by admired Christian authors knowledgeable in American economics and family life, and Pastor Wurmbrand's account of torture for his beliefs in Romania. Heeren is clearly a serious student of the Bible. He has authored several end-time books, blogs about miraculous events such as the parting of the Red Sea, and thoughtfully explains Old Testament messages of warning and judgment.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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