What The Fasnarf?
by Roger Marjadsingh

"Rob ran into the doctor’s office shouting, ‘Doctor, Doctor! I need help! There is a monster that is trying to take everyone I care about!’"

In this children's picture book, the main character is a young boy named Rob who finds himself in a most unusual predicament. He keeps seeing a big, red, furry monster with two horns and sharp claws attempting to attack people in his life. When he tells his school counselor, she sends him to Doctor Ross, who calmly asks him to describe everything.

According to Rob, the "big old monster" first grabbed his little sister, Raven, while she was playing in her crib. So, Rob threw the remote control at the beast, which replied, "What the fasnarf?" before completely disappearing. Then, at the grocery store with his mom, the monster started to grab her. Rob pushed the shopping cart into it. Again, the silly large creature yelled, "What the fasnarf?" and vanished. This happens repeatedly in different situations, such as when Rob plays ball with his friend Rosie at school, when his dad takes him swimming, and while walking his dog Rocky in the park. Adult and child alike will never guess the unexpected twist this story takes at the end.

Marjadsingh writes that he was a young schoolboy when he first came up with the idea for this book. More than thirty years later, he has published it, accomplishing his dream. Children of all ages (but especially young ones) will undoubtedly enjoy this whimsical story about a cute, not-too-scary oversized red monster with its signature catchphrase that continuously pops up and then disappears throughout the pages. Accompanied by bold, colorful artwork, the author's unique storyline and small cast of characters will surely delight any child, whether the book is being read to them or they are able to read it themselves.

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