Whispers of the Sidhe: A Zoë Delante Thriller - Book 3
by C. L. Roberts-Huth
Evolved Publishing

"For shame. You should know modern secular references. Thought the sidhe would be big Disney fans with their underlying tension and innuendo."

This novel is a highly imaginative romp through a world made of mediums, necromancers, werewolves, werebears, and naga-snakes. Then there is the sidhe, or faerie folk, who it seems are very ancient, very opulently attired, and given to petty court intrigues amped up to a ten. The heroine is Zoë Delante, a young female medium who "sees" murder victims and, therefore, can help police solve cases. A phone call from a snake-man (like a werewolf but changes into a snake) named Seth causes Zoë to shake off some of the grief that the death of two of her police colleagues some time before. Seth has Zoë fly to Sierra Vista in Arizona to investigate the sudden appearance of her dead father's body. Only her father has been dead for a long time, and his body looks twenty years younger. However, her appearance in Sierra Vista has kicked off an enormous host of paranormal beings intent on killing her.

An elaborate cast of characters inhabits the plotline. Telling the tale from Zoë's viewpoint, the author has toned down excessive exposition of the worldbuilding element by focusing on Zoë's development from a damaged and grief-stricken victim to a strong and motivated fighter on a mission to free a young girl's ghost who pleads for freedom. The existence of variegated spirits, faeries, brownies, and other beings is taken for granted, giving an aura of authenticity to the narrative that is emotionally gripping. The intricate plot successfully creates enough suspense to engage the reader. The theme seems to be Zoë's eventual discovery of her true identity, kind of a paranormal coming-of-age story. Readers hungering for a well-written supernatural thriller should enjoy this delightful read.

A 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

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