Who Cares? A Guided Self-Help & Devotional Journal for the Seasons of Life
by Dr. Melita J. Murray-Carney
Xulon Press Elite

"The bottom line is that journaling is a powerful and valuable tool for promoting and enhancing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness."

This journal with a Christian focus guides the reader through nine seasons of one's life. These include topics of new beginnings, love, anticipation, personal growth, success, mental and physical health, rest and relaxation, change, and gratitude and joy.

Each of these seasons begins with a short paragraph of introduction and then focuses on three aspects that include reflections, where the reader writes their response to a specific question, an affirmation that the author gives, a confirmation (a biblical quote), and then space to write a journal note regarding that quote. For example, the author might ask, "In what ways can you strengthen your faith in God?" An affirmation might be, "I will be patient and diligent." Meanwhile, a confirmation might be a verse such as Joshua 1:5: "I will not leave you nor forsake you." The author also includes photographs with biblical quotes.

Providing an easy and helpful means of examining one's issues, this work helpfully allows a lot of space for readers to journal about their experiences based on specific questions. The book nicely flows through the seasons of one's life, and each chapter can build upon the previous one or be utilized as a stand-alone topic. It is also a useful tool for engaging in reflective thought and processing one's emotions. While the book is designed for Christian readers, others from different belief systems might find it beneficial as well. Overall, it is a good resource for working through various concerns and cares and can help one on their path of healing.

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