"I’m dead. I’m standing at God’s front door, and I’m talking to God! I would have dropped dead out of pure shock, but inasmuch as I’m already dead, it occurs to me that would be redundant."

From the initial disclaimer to the end of the book, this is an extremely funny book that examines life's vulgarities while focusing on a near-death experience (NDE) the author had as a young woman. She considered herself, as a non-practicing Jew, to be a "Closet Agnostic." When she died for eight minutes, she experienced a feeling of floating, going through a tunnel with white light, and having a very interesting and confusing conversation with God after doing a few too many 'shrooms and heroin.

She finds God to be funny. She describes the experience as a "cosmic irony." Asking both inane and profound questions of God, she is fascinated—and perhaps a bit horrified—by God's answers, for who knew that God is a hermaphrodite and that the human race may have come from extraterrestrials?

This is a hysterically witty, irreverent, sarcastic book regarding an NDE, an event most people wouldn't find so entertaining. They might find it fascinating, scary, mystical, spiritual, or religious but not a romp via an overdose. The author explores topics such as God's race, gender, beliefs regarding evolution and creation, evil, why she got the mumps, why she didn't get a pony when praying for one, whether PMS is spiritual, and various other questions. This short book is actually quite profound, and this depth is found within the conversations with God. Only a special writer could craft such a story. Although the book is sure to offend both believers and non-believers alike, it may also lead some to think deeply about their beliefs. It is not to be missed.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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