Why Did You Fall in Love With Me?
by Sabije Dervishi Veseli

"I was feeling in love with someone that only existed inside my body and spirit."

In this captivating tale, the author depicts the love story between a young girl and a spirit in her dream. It all began one night when she fell asleep and saw a handsome man pretending to be her fiancé. At first, she was lost and confused by this stranger. Every night, this spirit would intrude into her dreams and oblige her to go on walks with him. She was very fearful of sleeping at night because she did not want to see him. However, the more she spent time with him, the more she started falling for him. From there, everything started to unfold uniquely, and her nightmares turned into beautiful memories.

Eventually, she would call this spirit "her lover." She could not wait to have her daily strolls with him. Even though they belonged to two different worlds, they fell hard for each other. Everything was not all perfect. For example, her lover was jealous of the other men she hung out with. He feared that she might fall out of love. She was with the living while he was with the dead.

Veseli's supernatural tale embraces the idea that love conquers all, even if two people come from different backgrounds. Readers will likely find this story intriguing because it highlights how two people can still come together despite their differences. For example, the author underlines the theme of religion since these lovers come from different faiths. However, the author shows the power of love over all other concerns as their differences in belief do not affect their relationship much, even though the protagonists bring up the subject within the narrative. Veseli has written an engaging book, and the audience will likely connect with its touching characters.

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