Wisdom of the Men
by Clint Arthur
Wharton MBA Books

"Everyone wants home runs. No one wants to do the work."

One of the great aspects of the modern age is that it is now easier than ever for promising authors to share their stories, and some of their tales really need to be shared and discovered. This engaging book is one such offering. It is told by a talented and earnest storyteller who has managed through a tenacious drive to propel himself towards success. Along the way, he formed a compelling recipe for personal achievement and collected anecdotes from a laundry list of famed celebrities.

What is perhaps so inviting about this book is that it is not a self-congratulatory trip down a lifetime of memories. Instead, it is an intimate look at a man who was fortunate enough to meet most of the key figures of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and ask them their secrets. Instead of presenting himself as an all-knowing business leader with all the answers, he remained humble and kept developing. Each section is not just an encounter with a president, celebrity, or scholar. Instead, it is a catalog of insights the author was earnest enough to gather from these people.

The author's openness allowed him to gain impressive access to some powerful individuals, their fabled fortunes, and their keys to success. Now he is sharing this remarkable volume of collective knowledge with the world. It is an amazing gift and makes for a pretty charming read. The author's style is entertaining and masterful and, at times, surprisingly touching and soulful. This is a book for anyone ready to take the world by storm.

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