Witching Moon
by K.E. Bonner
Brandylane Publishers

"'Rowan’s visions are like my own, spotty and apt to change,’ Lugus said. ‘Trust that there is a reason Anne found you. Guard her well. The winds are shifting, and you are favored.’"

In this mystical novel, readers encounter Anne, a young woman who from birth has always been more intuitive, more insightful, and more of an old soul than those around her. After Anne discovers a washed-up stranger—a man known as Phillip of Amaranth—on the shore of Cusabo Island, Anne’s orphanhood and origins, her purpose, and her future make more sense. When she learns she has a mysterious sister in a faraway land, Anne reluctantly ventures from Cusabo to France to find her and bring together prophecy and her gifts as a healer. Readers follow Anne as, along the way, she finds an unlikely friendship with Rory, heart-racing adventure on the high seas aboard sailing ships, and a surprising bond with a sister she never knew previously existed.

Despite her mystical nature, Anne appears more real than most of the other characters because of her struggles to understand her differences and family origins. She is a strong narrator, an unexpected heroine, and one who grows more and more on readers as they witness her emotional maturation throughout the book. With its discussion of a family lost and a family found, the book opens conversations about the true definition of the word “family,” which reinforces Rowan’s affirmation to Anne: “ad astra per aspera”—”Through adversity to the stars.” The book's historical setting and fantastical elements make reading it a unique experience. This is a tale that will engage both fans of historical fiction and fantasy. Action-packed and preternatural, the narration style makes this novel perfect for young adult readers.

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