With Love as Love Is
by G. Bradley
Balboa Press

"Love is a life sustaining energy or vibration that flows through us. This energy is a core element to every living thing."

The author’s book covers a lot of ground regarding all things love. The author talks about his own journey of love, but the book primarily focuses on what love is and isn’t. It examines the spirit of love and the three levels of love, including becoming aware of love, spending time with love, and love as “your automatic state of being.” It continues by looking at words of love, unconditional love, and the presence of love while exploring how love works. Love as a relationship is also explored as well as nature and love and the spirituality of love.

Bradley's book is partially written in prose style. It then has hundreds of quotes regarding love and ends with 103 affirmations and a long poem regarding the Kingdom of Love. There is a guide through five steps to help one let go of old conditions and move into new ideas and beliefs. The book focuses on happiness as being the goal of love. The chapter on spirituality is a Christian-focused one.

This layperson’s guide to love looks in-depth at numerous aspects of the subject in a way that is easy to understand while still being insightfully profound at times. It is a heartfelt work that most people will likely find engaging and helpful. What the author refers to as quotes can more aptly be described as poetry, for some of these offer a beautiful depth of insight and joy. At times there is a sense of redundancy in the text, but even this can be helpful for it allows the information to seep deeper into one’s core through such reiteration. The Christian focus comes into play at the end of the book. In short, this is a basic yet useful guide for those on a search into all aspects of love and happiness.

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