"Being old isn’t easy but neither was being a teenager or the first day of a new job."

In constructing this lively guide to women's aging, author Cooper has drawn from her own experience and a wide variety of sources, including a consortium of fellow females sharing their personal feelings and observations. Her four-part manual covers vital information for all women in older years, extolling the values of awareness, vigilance, and acceptance. Women must deal with wrinkles, embrace occasional nostalgia, and continue to be the people they want to be. Skin will sag, memory function will falter, and cherished friends, family members, and partners may slip permanently away. Choices—developing physical exercise routines, becoming or needing a caregiver, managing medical care—are examined with recommendations for different situations and mindsets. Humor is an ally. Cooper reminds women that, "Your face is the ambassador of your good will." Welcoming the comfort of female friendships and seeking spiritual truths can enhance the journey of aging.

After a long career as a nurse, administrator, and consultant for rehabilitative and restorative services, Cooper conceived this book project to give focus and structure to other women in varying stages of the aging process. She congratulates and commiserates, offering practical advice and a wide range of further resources. Her particular concentration on female interviewees, their specific needs, and ways of coping will be especially heartening to her readers since, as she notes, women are generally inclined to seek advice and trust the counsel of other women. Cooper bravely takes on complex issues like sexuality in older women, the sense of dread women feel at the possible loss of a partner, and strategies for planning new, post-retirement lifestyles. Whether standing at the brink of a certain age and facing the implications of the next phase of life or fully immersed in its quandaries, Cooper's readers will welcome her intelligent and empathic guidance.

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