Women of the Word: Vol. 1
by Melissa Joy Parcels

"If we could fathom the depth of God’s love for is, we would stand in amazement."

Author Parcels explores spiritual truths as embodied in the lives and experiences of women written about in the Holy Bible. Hagar, the Egyptian servant of Abraham and Sarah, provides the first story for contemplation. Wishing impatiently for offspring, Sarah offered Hagar to Abraham as a surrogate mother for his child, without waiting on God’s intervention, which would come later. Parcels shows how both women sinned and both, in time, atoned as God uses their actions for a higher purpose. A similar story of frustrations regarding childbirth is that of Hannah, who would, with God’s blessing, give birth to the great leader Samuel. A missionary named Claudia is cited by Paul in a letter from prison, the only woman to be so honored. In contrast to these righteous women, Jezebel “had a strong hatred for righteous people” and suffered the consequences of her evil behaviors.

The many biblical women depicted by Parcels are given deft, well-considered treatment, their dilemmas and reactions readily recognizable. She has divided her book into weekly groupings that include both her informed oversight and the invitation to search scripture for further details, giving readers the chance to answer questions and compose their personal reflections. Parcels, founder of the Jeremiah Fire Ministries, works to strengthen the faith of believers worldwide. She uses her book’s title as a lively anagram, “WOW”, for the weekly training her book offers its readers. Divided into eight segments, her work supplies a list of scriptural references regarding the women in focus, offers questions to provoke personal revelations for her readers, and includes an opportunity to “Fill in the blanks” on biblical quotations. These gentle, practical exercises are designed to assist Parcels’ audience in expanding their religious thinking, offering a useful template for those of her readership who wish to conduct faith-based workshops with her guidance.

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