Writ in Water: A Novel of John Keats
by James Sulzer
Fuze Publishing

"In this twilight world, the song of the nightingale is reborn as a strand in the eternal tapestry of light and darkness, weaving the weft of its eternal affirmation through the warp of time and change, of loss and longing."

In this hauntingly poetic depiction of the tragically short life of the poet John Keats, readers follow a guardian spirit, one visible and sensed by only one person—the poet himself. As Keats suffers poverty, immense familial loss, and the all-consuming grief that follows, he also endures the painful emotional rollercoaster known as "love" as he navigates a tumultuous romance with Fanny Brawne, the captivating woman whose family hopes will marry well and for wealth. Meanwhile, the real tour guide of Keats' experiences for readers is the unnamed spirit who observes and directs Keats directly and indirectly. The spirit is often hesitant to intervene but feels pity for the poet who continually strives for a place among the English greats and fails to meet society's expectations. This is not because he isn't worthy, but because of the circumstances that life and society have shaped for him.

A quiet masterpiece, this book is an elegantly philosophical depiction of the life of the youngest of the Romantic poets. Embracing the ideologies of the Romantic movement by glorifying nature, admitting and accepting emotions, and utilizing spiritual and supernatural elements, this book is a gateway into the poetry of one of the world's most celebrated and quoted poets. It masterfully weaves a biographical tale with snippets of odes, insights about poetry and poetry writing, and delicate reflections about aestheticism, beauty, and truth. This book is sure to appeal to poetry lovers, especially those with a penchant for historical fiction and Keats' work. Its beautifully interwoven narratives create an artistic, enticing, and tantalizing birdsong, one that trails and echoes in readers' minds and spirits long after they have finished reading.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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