Year of Our Lord: What Would Jesus Do Today?
by David Heeren
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"They made no important decisions for one year without asking themselves this question: ‘What would Jesus do?’"

When Rev. Charles Morgen approaches his prayer group of six with the idea of agreeing to live for one year with the intention of acting as Jesus would, he has no idea of the challenges the upcoming year will include. Members of the group will be faced with unimaginable obstacles over the next twelve months. For instance, one will be arrested for her participation in the anti-abortion group she leads to picket one of the town’s leading abortionists. On the heels of this will come false accusations of child abuse, with an overzealous worker for Florida’s Department of Family Services removing her children from the home.

This situation quickly becomes a harrowing tale that takes the reader through the anguish of a mother trying to protect her children above all else. Everyone in the group is forced to look at what is indeed important as they strive to follow the seemingly simple rule of asking themselves “What would Jesus do?” in any given situation.

Heeren, using the impetus of the inspirational classic In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon, creates a unique, fast-paced narrative that throws light on contemporary societal problems, with a child protection agency at the forefront. The novel illustrates how easily one can be falsely accused and even imprisoned when caseworkers aren’t fully equipped to do this difficult job. Subplots take on adultery, self-sacrifice, media bias, and political intrigue. Heeren is a master storyteller who grabs the reader's attention from the book’s beginning. This interesting plot delivers not only a fascinating story but leads one to contemplate the broken systems of modern society. Readers will find themselves completely immersed and invested in this novel.

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