You're Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self
by Alma C. Lightbody

"We may have differences of opinion, race and background, but that offers variety and creative thinking."

Having studied energy medicine since 1990, Lightbody has worked with numerous teachers involving various modalities. The author encourages readers to lovingly "delve into the mystery of who you really are." The journey, she explains, is a commitment to "uncover your authentic self" and discover that you alone are "the boss of you."

The book is divided into four sections. The first examines how a life's various influences "imprint and mold" one's personality. It proposes a new program of thought processes for self-realization, cutting away such "layers of illusion." The second focuses on the body, examining physical systems and giving illuminating insight into dysfunction and illness. Fresh possibilities in the third encourage reader engagement through experiential exercises to determine one's "true personality." The fourth emboldens the reader, allowing what has been learned about genuine self and beliefs to blossom. Blank pages for creative journaling encourage readers to "rewrite" their lives.

Lightbody's work stands apart from typical self-help guides for many reasons. Primary among them is that before any advice for change is prescribed, a significant portion of her book establishes in relatable terms the "background" reasons underlying one's current state. When the author insists, "you can take back your life, have your own thoughts and opinions and in doing so be completely healthy and happy," she has lived this truth personally. Lightbody's empathy and compassion for readers are evidenced throughout her book. Her life's work shared earnestly and passionately throughout these pages involves nothing less than sharing the reality of open possibilities for those seeking to "be their own boss." Ultimately, the book encourages the reader to become the only person responsible for creating their life story.

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