Zombie Evolution
by Brenda Renee Seaton

"The rain started falling in clumps and covering everything making visibility impossible."

People have always been fascinated with death and the human condition, constantly trying to comprehend these realities through the use of legendary monsters and stories. But what if, instead of using these monsters to understand death and dystopia, it was used for understanding human potential in a more positive light? This book presents a creative spin on zombification as an incidental yet necessary step in evolution.

It starts with a storm that doesn't seem out of the ordinary until it starts raining a black tar-like substance. Anyone that comes in contact with that strange rain immediately starts changing into a zombie-like creature. The author tells the story through a colorful cast of characters, and instead of focusing on what caused the event, or the ensuing chaotic environment, concentrates on humanity's more positive qualities as the people rush to understand whether zombies are people who are alive yet with diminished abilities or something else.

This isn't a typical "shoot-em in the head and run" novel, which makes the story stand out from others. It is a perfect blend of action, science, and personal interactions. It is refreshing to read a story that doesn't focus on humanity's flaws but instead highlights curiosity, strength, and endurance through uncertain and difficult times. The author's book is a delectable bite-sized read for those who want a refreshing take in a market saturated with brain-eating monsters. The story is a perfect concoction of human emotion and growth but is also embued with enough action to keep the reader hungry for the next chapter.

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