by Constantine O’Donnell
Writers Apex

"This introduction is about my last 18 years of strife since I was labeled Bipolar."

In his book, the author relates episodes in his life that led to his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It offers candid details of his many stays in mental asylums and his years working on ships and yachts, which allowed him to travel the world. His is a tale of alcohol and drug abuse which eventually led to his abhorring the use of both. Of his first time being admitted to the St. Pats mental asylum, he states, "While drunk in 2003, I pretended to have Bipolar to get off with breaking a window in a 5-Star hotel in Dublin's city center." Thus began the author's eighteen years of voluntary and involuntary admissions into asylums. O'Donnell openly tells the story of his life and his fight in order to prove that he isn't mentally ill.

This autobiographical work is a fascinating look into the mind of the author. Parts of the book are disturbing in their honesty concerning his time in mental asylums and struggles with drugs and alcohol. According to O'Donnell, aliens are communicating with him and have relayed the message that mental illness doesn't exist. He takes a firm stand against the use of psychotropic drugs as he believes they and alcohol have been the source of his problems in life. In this engaging treatise, the author states, "This book is going to explode on to the world at large and I am about to tell you to throw away your psychotropic medication." He asserts, "The alien race are going to help me. There will be no more illness on planet earth." The book contains explicit descriptions of sexual encounters, making it more appropriate for adults. This one will likely stay with readers long after they have finished reading.

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