"Application: God can use anyone to accomplish His purpose when that one turns to him in faith, fears him, and does His will."

Author and preacher Jeremiah presents a manual for teaching and preaching Christian beliefs in a multitude of contexts. Each of the 100 outlines contains biblical quotations, further exploration offered by the author, and an application showing how the material can be targeted in a sermon. The opening selection is, fittingly, “A New Beginning,” which quotes from Exodus regarding the meaning of Passover and God’s promise of deliverance. The subjects are diverse, including those highlighting notable women in the Bible, the difference between man’s law and God’s grace, “lost and found” symbolism, and evangelism for youth groups.

The author is a lifelong Christian. He was born in the Caribbean and, in later years, settled in the United States where he has worked in accounting while still devoting as much time as possible to his ministry. He writes with clarity and with the stated purpose of assisting not only those seeking sparks of inspiration for their own Christian calling to preach but also those needing the assurance that “one day Christ will come.” His collection displays a wide and well-researched grasp of scripture and a propensity for looking at a variety of worldly endeavors through a spiritual lens. His applications tie the biblical verses to life situations, providing a practical focus for each lesson. He has arranged his book to feature 10 outlines per chapter and includes a page for notes at the end of each segment. His neatly organized work could provide material for Bible study groups as well as motivational material for new evangelists.

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