2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges
by Edward Curry
Merlin & Assoc.

"Were one to read and separate myths from reality in the Maya sacred book the Popol Vuh, then it would be wise to carefully consider its projections and findings."

The third of Edward Curry's series of fictional books on Mayan civilization, 2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges, continues the adventures of Ryan Keshaw and his wife Dr. Allie Lea Shelton as their entanglement with the devastating prophecy draws closer. After the birth of their second child, Ryan and Allie Lea are called to Guatemala on what starts off as nothing more than a lecture about the potential outcomes of December 21, 2012 in the Yucatan region. As ancient discoveries are unearthed and old rivals re-enter the picture, the couple are reunited with trusted friends, make new friends, and are forced to face their deepest fears. From the Atlantic United States to Mexico and then Guatemala, the adventure unfolds and accelerates faster than the characters can plan.

Driven chiefly by its dialogue, Curry's characters share the focus of the story along with the land and the traditions of the Mayan people. At times tense, funny, romantic, and informative, 2012: A New Maya Nation has something for every reader. With ties to both the modern and the ancient world, explanatory content in the book ranges from mysticism to technological breakthroughs, with a healthy dose of fine dining and music added. At times, the narrative moves so fast it can be difficult to keep up, but for people who like it when a lot happens in their stories, or those who like characters that come to life, there's reason to following this book.


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