by Aubrey Eddy

"When do you think Christ will return, Marc? . . . No one, not even the son will know the hour, says God. But . . . you will know the generation."

The main characters in this science fiction novel share a train ride into the city to work. One member reports a news article regarding an event in the skies: a massive cloud that will have a direct impact rapidly approaches earth. Other characters offer their input as to what it might be and question whether a collision is likely. Could it be another rock similar to that which caused the demise of dinosaurs? No, it is a cloud. As expected, some characters have heard this prophecy and wonder if it could be true. Others heard, but hope in their hearts it is all bogus.

Even Marc Echo is not expecting the end times to happen immediately. He owns a security company and is a former police officer. Marc is also a Christian who believes in a literal rapture. He knows the prophecy that Jesus Christ will return and summon away to heaven those who have put their trust in him. What changes will occur over the next days, both at Marc’s office and on the train as the cloud draws nearer?

This novel for adults is based around an interpretation of events predicted in the Bible. The main characters are well-developed via dialogue and interactions on their daily train ride. Through the vehicle of fiction, the author skillfully addresses various end-time concerns and questions: Who is Anti-Christ? Is the rapture a one-shot deal, no second chances? Might charlatans attempt to bilk folk out of their life savings? How about pets that owners must leave behind? Is there a rainbow bridge for animals? When someone is taken up into the sky, what happens to the clothing? If readers of the well-known Left Behind series still have questions, they can count on Echo to explain how to find the answers through prayer.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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