"To walk in the Spirit is to take a strong stand against the works of the flesh."

Dr. Braswell’s work is a resourceful guide for practicing Christians and spiritually curious souls as a whole to understand how to apply the Bible’s teachings to nearly every instance of daily life. Oftentimes, the individual will read a passage from the scriptures and wonder not just about its meaning but its relevance to their individual circumstances. This handbook is as comprehensive as it gets with scripture, interpretations, and even an opportunity for its readership to take notes at the end of each week’s section.

Those who truly implement the lessons from each week may find their spirits infused with truth, confidence, and faith. For example, in “Week 23” and “Week 36,” Dr. Braswell works to erase doubt from the minds of the believer through an emphasis on unity and a thought process designed to help the individual resist temptation and excess. Like Christ, who sacrificed himself for mankind, the text suggests that practicing self-denial helps the individual become more selfless and focus on the needs of those around him.

Aside from the clear-cut lessons present in the handbook, Braswell takes well-known stories such as Lazarus being raised from the dead and examines them from a unique angle or observation. For instance, she notes that Lazarus, after being raised, is still wearing the grave clothes in which he was buried. Digging deeper, she encourages the reader, once he or she has achieved the path to Christ, to avoid reverting back to their previous pathways and actions.

While Braswell stresses many of the positive behaviors, she also highlights the negative characteristics, particularly pride in Week 42, that can deceive believers into getting off course. Both educational and insightful, this text should be perceived as a manual that simplifies the process of interpreting and applying scripture into one’s daily life.

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