A Beautiful Here: Emerging From the Overwhelming Darkness of My Son’s Suicide
by Linda Phillips
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"Nuçi’s death sharpened my senses. It was as if a storm had blown through and swept away all the detritus, leaving behind only the essentials."

When Linda Phillips discovered on a Thanksgiving Day that her youngest son Nuçi had ended his own life at the age of 22, she felt lost. After trying to help him in his battle with major depression, his departure shook her in a way that led to inevitable grief but also a desire to commemorate his life in some way. A few years later, she was inspired to start a non-profit in Athens, Georgia, called Nuçi’s Space, offering support for musicians by giving them access to care, a safe environment with practice rooms, and, above all else, an ear to listen to anyone that might need assistance and advice on where to go next.

This book tells two stories: first, of the life her family experienced both before and after being affected by Nuçi’s tragic death, and then of the origins, functions, and accomplishments of Nuçi’s Space. The emotions that readers will experience hearing Phillips’ story are nothing short of profound. Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of those emotions is their balance, as the likelihood of being moved to tears is just as possible hearing about the good done by Nuçi’s Space as it is discussing the details of Nuçi’s suicide.

It feels a disservice to consider this simply an autobiography, as Phillips also functions as a biographer of her family, historian for her foundation, and an advocate for change in the healthcare system. If anything about this book is particularly autobiographical, it would be that the details are deeply personal—not just those regarding her family but also the energy and inspiration that led to the success of her organization. This is an inspirational story that will reaffirm faith in the goodness of other people and tell those who need to hear it that there is someone who cares.

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