A Champion Game Plan for Life
by Preston Brown

"When we partner with God, and stay inside of his good and perfect will, things have a way of working out for our good."

Champion football star Preston Brown includes over fifty devotionals in his book, but there is no mushy, flowery stuff in here. Like the linebacker he is, Brown instructs his young adult reader and team member with guidelines about what it takes to play the game of life when living as a Christian. As a success in his field, he stands with his readers, knowing the value of daily reminders to practice, keep in shape, and stay positive.

As an admired man, Brown provides advice on touchy questions like romance and dealing with lust. He especially speaks to those who are about to set the stage for the rest of their lives. As a father of several children, he declares the need for patience along this entire life journey. We must celebrate progress rather than moan about work left to be done. There is no allowance for asking if “we are there yet.” Like a coach, he asks what is holding us back. Is it an issue with obedience, being unwilling to do what we know is right? Is it the result of ignoring the “Word of God”? Many of these devotionals stress a purpose for knowing God’s teachings through the Bible. This one thing can keep you from mistakes, and provide the power to live a dedicated life. As Romans 8:37 puts it, “We are more than conquerors through him who loves us.” As a linebacker, Preston recognizes the need for a game plan―something he equates with perseverance, so every player will drive toward the greatness they are meant to achieve. A game plan protects from making that single, decisive mistake, like doing drugs or quitting school. It will help reveal one’s weaknesses and how an enemy can take advantage of them. More than that, it teaches how to use one’s strengths to overcome temptation.

Preston’s writing demonstrates a real concern with the difficulties this age presents to youth. He undoubtedly observed conflict firsthand in his own youth, as well as what was verbalized by young fans. He understands what it takes to stay true to God in this politically correct age. Several of his devotionals hint at moving past racism, and one mentions the senselessness of school shootings. As a mentor, the author’s signature tag line is, “Stay encouraged, my brothers and sisters.” These words can bring comfort to anyone, such as those dealing with bullying, or who see themselves as victims. They can also encourage older people who have left their youthful years behind to deal with injuries or who live a life dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. Preston’s words may also lift the spirits of those whose dreams never have been fulfilled. Because of Brown’s fame, young fans will accept his guidance because he speaks from experience. While younger readers may not care, some of their parents may be curious to know where Preston learned to walk so closely with God. For example, which translation of the Bible does he use? What church does the author attend, and who does he credit in his own life as a mentor? This short book will make an excellent gift choice for a graduate. Reading the words of this champion player could make the single biggest difference in the lives of many.

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