A Cold Dish
by Mike Sherer
James Ward Kirk Publishing

"Huge gets in his face, but the face doesn't flinch. It smiles serenely. 'I could kill you!'"

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is the unlikely destination that brings together a group of people with no shared history and places them in a dangerous set of circumstances. Hugh "Huge" Allen, a former professional football player, comes to Eureka Springs in search of quality spa treatment for his damaged body. Then there's Sweet Marie, a mischievous young girl coming to town to attend a rave with her friends at the Hippie Hole. Next, there's Walter Street, a shady businessman; Millicent Monroe, a magazine writer in town to write an article; and others with just as varied of backgrounds. All of them have been receiving the same Christmas cards every year, as did their parents and grandparents before them, with no explanation. After drinking the pure spring water in town, reality subtly changes around them, but why?

Packed with suspense and mystery and a healthy dose of the inexplicable, this story gets its hooks into readers quickly, leading them on a search for answers. The plot revolving around a quest for vengeance and the moral grayness of the characters makes rooting for any one particular character challenging, as they all seem to have their own sinister motives. At the same time, this creates a deeper mystery about who can be trusted or who will survive, and that makes this book that much harder to put down. The supernatural aspects of the story makes anything possible, and just when one might think they know which direction things are headed, something happens that turns everything upside down. Readers looking for something a little heavier that will keep them enraptured for long periods of absorption will be compelled to keep turning the page.

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