"Life is a series of stages moving along in an endless twist of events."

Identity theft, a debilitating illness, and a narrow brush with tragedy helped to form the author's character in this vibrant memoir. Quotidian was scheduled for a job interview in downtown New York City on September 11, 2001. For some reason, her gut instinct told her to cancel. This is one of many situations in which it seemed she was living in a parallel world, where negative things that might have happened were averted, while things she wished for sometimes went awry. She designed a pair of multi-use jeans for which she sought a patent, but her identity was stolen along with her product line. After a flu shot in 1998 and a medical procedure a year later, she developed disturbing, disrupting, undiagnosed physical symptoms. Through all her trials, however, she often saw heavenly visions or encountered guardian angels, remained strong and stalwart, and, through employment as a nurse's aide, regained her sense of purpose.

Quotidian, whose real name is Sherley L. Blaise, has constructed her recollections in the form of episodes of specific date and time, though not in chronological order. She emerges through her narrative as both defiant (determined not to give in to tough circumstances) and devout. Her Catholic religion provided a mainstay of her idealism. Born in Haiti, she became a US citizen and felt the tragedy of 9/11 as deeply as any American-born person. She has revisited Haiti before and after the earthquake of 2010 and makes observations about the country's suffering, poverty, and need for change. Composing her recollections was a sort of self-therapeutic exercise, reliving both real and supernatural occurrences. She concludes that it is now time for her to "cross the Bridge" to whatever the future holds. Her story can be an inspiration for anyone experiencing unexplained setbacks and needing encouragement.

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