A Grand Madness: U2 Twenty Years After
by Dianne Ebertt Beeaff
Hawkmoon Publications

"I’ve never been a gambler myself—at least not of the Las Vegas variety—but the steadfast glitz and glare of the city was a small price to pay for a U2 show."

Readers join a devoted U2 fan as she navigates national and international airports, a plethora of cities, six tours, and the ever-repeating album called “Life” as she follows Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry in this insider’s view of one of Ireland’s (and the world’s) most famous rock bands—U2. Her story recounts album releases, photo shoots, video shoots and their releases, and some of the globe’s memorable events as they happen. The book shows what it means to be a true fan, devoted to a band that has changed not only the realm of rock and roll but also the way rock stars act as politicians, humanitarians, and peacekeepers, all the while reliving what it was like to hear hits like “Beautiful Day” for the first time and relive songs from unforgettable albums like The Joshua Tree.

This insightful book is one woman’s diary, a chronicle devoted entirely to one of the most monumental rock bands in rock and roll history. With personal, poetic, philosophical, and historical insights about not only the band but significant events like the death of Desmond Tutu and 9/11 to Donald Trump’s 2016 controversial election, those who enjoy U2’s music will find this book a must-read, a must-own literary diary. For those with a general interest in rock and roll music, this book provides anecdotes about a band that continues to inspire future generations of musicians and artists alike. Fans and those with a general interest in rock and roll and rock and roll history will appreciate the detailed notes on each tour and the five candid black-and-white photo galleries. At the same time, all music devotees and fans of any band will undoubtedly remember why they fell in love with their favorite bands and singers in the first place as they follow the author's personal journey.

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