A Journey to Ultra Dimension
by Kourosh Naziri (Cyrus)

"'...good thing I have a sense of humor. If it was anyone else from my group, your arm socket would have ended up in there.'"

At long last, here is a science-fiction adventure story that couples the highs and lows of comedic romance with the far-reaching implications of drama told across multiple dimensions. A cycle of continuous space and an acceleration of multidimensional growth serves as the unusual backdrop to a familiar narrative. At its core, this tale seems akin to the mythical or lyrical folklore of our past. It resembles the kind of cataloged history, high drama, and linear conflict that would be told around a campfire in every primal culture.

The story features Captain Houshmand, a great and brave man who is about to marry his fiancee, Delaram. He is also world-weary and, comically, has no time to be the story's narrator. Instead, he makes his AI, Ryaneh, recount the tale. What follows is a space odyssey so fascinating that it could have populated a Homer voyage or a Flash Gordon serial.

Thus lies the great strength of this book. It goes into great depth about the logistics of time travel and the interconnected functions of endless dimensions. It consumes the reader's attention with its humor and colorful imagery while also demanding total concentration as it outlines an entire galaxy of varying elements. Everything from the details of a spaceship ready room to a different format of presenting comedy is all laid out by the author with total faith in the audience's ability to relate. It is a challenging and prodigiously engrossing piece of science fiction writing. From an AI with no social grace to an engineering staff that uses a universal language translator to communicate, one can't help but enjoy this richly detailed journey across space.

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