"The crime scene looked like nothing so much as the inside of a slaughterhouse that regularly, and openly, flaunted its numerous violations of FDA health codes."

This very creepy tale initially examines the brutal murders of mortals that appear to have been killed by the magical world. Geoffrey A. C. Lakson, a Knight of New York, has lived for centuries through the magical world along with his familiar, Reynaud. Detective Matilda Moran, who is part of the police's Abnormal Investigation Department, joins forces with the two to examine these horrific massacres. Moran is a changeling and, as such, can blend in easier with the mortal world. Beginning with the Club Arcane—where nothing is off-limits, including sex and murder and all other taboos one can imagine—to the dark magic practiced on mere mortals by breaking any and all of the eleven Unspoken Laws, the deaths are investigated. There are also human alter egos that add confusion to the mix. And who is the waif, Rhea, who comes into his life? Finally, how do Lakson's two worlds connect while using powers for good or for evil?

In a fantasy, horror, and mystery novel rolled into one, the reader is taken through a story of many plots, numerous characters, and various purposes. The book reveals the twisted, the violent, and the weird through descriptive, disturbing, and macabre scenes. Readers encounter goblins, elves, trolls, leprechauns, dragons, and other magical beings while learning about Lakson and Moran's extraordinary skills. Some additional editing would enhance the narrative's overall effectiveness. Yet with the book's wry and humorous commentary, fantasy and horror fans should be able to overlook any syntactical speed bumps on their ride into the abnormal. Overall, the reader is in for a journey of the bizarre in this fascinating tale.

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