A Problem in Doodleland
by Kathleen Muraca
Trafford Publishing

"The mountain rumbled again. Then rocks began to fall. The mountain cracked open and water started pouring out of it like a waterfall."

One hot day in Doodleland, Melissa Mouse, Jenny Giraffe, Frankie Ferret, Nickie the Nat, and Eddie Elephant are sitting around, wondering what they can do about the fact that there is no rain or water to be found. Even Jenny Giraffe, who can stick her long neck high up into a cloud, admits there is no rain anywhere. Frankie Ferret tells the others about the legend of Purple Doodle Mountain, which, according to his grandmother, had long ago saved Doodleland. So, all the friends begin the long hike up to Purple Doodle Mountain. They are on a mission, but because it's getting dark, they sleep for the night.

Purple Doodle Mountain is beautiful the next morning, but none of the animals can find any magician after searching all around for hours. In fact, some of the friends begin to argue loudly, and Eddie Elephant, just beneath the highest peak on the mountain, begins to stamp his feet, trying to get everyone to stop fighting. After some more elephant-feet stamping, the mountain slowly gives way as water swooshes everywhere down the mountain. Cool, refreshing water finally fills all the Doodle ponds and lakes in Doodleland.

This easy-reader picture book is perfect for sharing with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. With each Doodleland animal pictured in an array of colorful pictures—including Purple Doodle Mountain itself—emergent readers and pre-readers will delight in both the language of the simple story as well as its visual accompaniment. Important too is the lesson imparted about working together to solve a problem. Each of the different creatures in Doodleland has something unique to contribute. And in the end, all have much to celebrate when rainwater is once again is plentiful in Doodleland.

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