A Sole Surviving Son
by W. Matthew Hart
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"'Attention all hands! This is not a drill! A torpedo has been sighted off the port bow!'"

Steamships were once used to transport coal, wood, and steel, predominantly along the eastern coast of the United States, but they often took on the private cargo of international companies that needed a way to relocate their investments and operations to keep them out of the German government’s reach. On the cusp of World War II, one such steamship was being used to transport a steel container to Brazil for this very reason, escorted by the captain and his crew, two passengers responsible for guaranteeing the container’s safe delivery, and two additional European passengers that were suspiciously added to the trip at the last minute. Despite changing course to maneuver nearer to the coastline and avoid any unwanted trouble, the ship was attacked by a torpedo and quickly became a sinking death trap for everyone on board. On that fateful summer night in August of 1939, a series of events that would traverse more than five decades and the family ties between three generations of fathers and sons was put in motion.

This mystery novel takes a deep dive into the many intricacies of nautical life while providing a front-row seat to watch the development and advancement of the technology used in the sailing industry over the years. Set during a time when global relations were very much ready to bubble over yet again, Hart provides enveloped commentary on the physical and mental causalities of war that are felt by those on the front lines and the ripple effect it can have on their families and communities as well. As sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons race against the clock to find buried treasure, readers will be taken on a face-paced journey through the muddied and dangerous waters of love, war, and international espionage.

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