"I use the word “spirit” as the name for an immaterial duplicate human being that resides (overlaps and penetrates) inside an individual’s physical body during life and continues to exist after the body dies."

In his book, Punzak explores the belief that there are two spiritual forms inside each human being. The first, Punzak argues, is the soul, and the second is the spirit. Occult practices, levitation, and paranormal phenomena are only a few of the topics discussed in this well-written spiritual tome. Punzak presents a variety of thought-provoking and organized theories about human behavior. Including theories from both scientists and philosophers alike, the book offers something for everyone. Often citing from the Bible and other religious writings, the author shows a deep respect for all types of faith. There is no subtle persuasion or hidden agendas inside the pages. Instead, the author presents his topics without bias.

After researching spiritual and psychological theories for more than 45 years, Punzak’s focus in this book is to find a better understanding of abnormal human behavior. Curing and preventing mental illness and violent behavior, both of which cause great monetary and personal hardship, need not only require expensive and often harmful medications, Punzak suggests. An understanding of the human spirit is also necessary. Punzak argues that the High Self in every spirit body is the fundamental source of creativity and expression. From this idea, he theorizes that creativity is a natural state of human behavior, and when creativity is stifled or left unrecognized human strife results. Life after death and even communication with the dead are also discussed. Expertly written and thoroughly engaging, this is an extraordinary book on the complicated and magical concept of the human spirit.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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